Friday, 19 May 2017

Water Walk 2017 & Picking Up Our Bundles

We were very fortunate to have a visit from Norma Peltier and Edward George today. Norma is a part of For the Earth and Water Walk 2017 and Edward is a part of Picking Up the Bundles Canoe Journey.

For the Earth and Water Walk is an initiative of respected Anishinaabe Elder, Josephine Mandamin.  Josephine has walked countless kilometers along shorelines and endured all kinds of weather praying for water.  Her current Water Walk began on Spirit Mountain, Deluth, Minnesota and will continue along the Great Lakes to Mantane, Quebec, on the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Picking Up the Bundles Canoe Journey is a cermonial canoe journey that moves in support and solidarity with For the Earth and Water Walk 2017.  

Norma and Edward explained the significance of the Water Walk and Canoe Journey, shared the route, and explained some of the protocols.  It was explained that when they are walking for water they are in Ceremony until they reach their destination.  Women are responsible for making the offerings and wear long skirts to show respect for Mother Earth.  Men do not carry the water, but help by carrying the Eagle Feather Staff and providing protection on the busy road ways.  The water, filled in Deluth, is carried in the copper pot. 

Norma and Edward offered tobacco to the students.  The students held the tobacco in their hands while thinking good thoughts for healthy water.  Norma and Edward collected the tobacco and wrapped it in a red cloth to take with them to offer to the water.

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