Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ribbon Skirt Making

Alanna Trudeau and Kate Pitawanakwat shared their knowledge of the importance of the ribbon skirt with the students.  Alanna explained that the ribbon skirt has a connection to Mother Earth.  The bottom of the skirt touches the earth and let's the earth know who is walking on her back.  The skirt emulates the shape of the tipi.  Women wear the skirt to ceremonies and special events.

With the guidance of Alanna and Kate Pitawanakwat, students were able to design and create their own ribbon skirts.  We were also very fortunate to have Alice Pennie helping the students with sewing.   

Students took careful measurements and worked carefully to create their Ribbon Skirts.  They choose the colour of their skirt and ribbons.  Students were quite proud of their skirts and excited to wear them.

For more information, visit CBC Radio's Unreserved series Skirt Teachings with Myra Laramee.

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